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2019-12-16 21:48:50
Amazon sellers can no longer use FedEx ground delivery this holiday season.
In a sign of amazon\'s influence over logistics involving product shipment to its buyers by sellers on its e-commerce platform, t

2019-12-05 20:26:55
Expedia shares rise after CEO and CF are shown the door
The online travel services company Expedia has announced that the company\'s chief executive officer mark Okerstrom and Chief fina

2019-12-04 21:38:29
\'significant cache\' of missile parts seized by the u.s. Navy
In violation of a previously made a UN Security Council resolution, small boat that seem to be carrying missile parts to Yemen has

2019-12-04 00:23:54
Sundar Pichai becomes both Google and Alphabet CEO as Page and Brin leave
Google current CEO Sundar Pichai has been appointed as the CEO of Alphabet as well. On this new development, Pichai said \"I\'m

2019-12-03 11:48:34
Buyout deal with Cleveland-Cliffs causes AK Steelís stock to rise
The buyout deal with the mining company Cleveland-Cliffs Inc seem to have had an affect in rising share value of the steel maker,

2019-12-03 11:25:26
Powerful typhoon wreaks havoc in Philippines
On Tuesday 3rd Dec 2019, Typhoon Kammuri battered the Philippines with fierce winds and rain. At least 4 people killed and several

2019-12-03 09:03:22
Before NATO anniversary meet, Trump criticizes European allies
Ahead of a NATO anniversary summit in London on Tuesday, U.S. President Donald Trump criticized the European allies. He said \"It

2019-12-02 23:40:30
MSNBC mistakenly airs photo of white supremacist Richard Spencer
On Monday, December 2, 2019 , MSNBC has mistakenly aired photo of white supremacist Richard Spencer during coverage of recently f

2019-12-02 20:12:12
Southern California Republican house member. Pleads guilty To corruption charges
speak to a television station in San Diego, Dunkan Hunter mentioned that he\'s pleading guilty in order to protect his children.

2019-12-01 21:49:03
Democratic Joe Sestak ends presidential Run
On Sunday 1st December 2019 democratic presidential candidate Joe Sestak has announced that he was ending his bid for the party\'s

2019-12-01 21:04:35
Biden chomps down on his wife\\\'s finger during the campaign event
Running neck to neck with senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, former vice president Joe Biden is launching an 8 day bus
2019-12-01 20:37:39
10 shot in early morning shooting near New Orleans French quarter
1st December 2019 it has just been reported that as many as 10 people were shot in New Orleans French quarter early morning today.

2019-12-01 12:53:50
74 terror prisoners released early - Boris Johnson on London Bridge attack
On Friday a terrorist named Usman Khan went on a Rampage and killed one man and a woman and injured three others before being shot

2019-12-01 11:32:45
Upcoming features of WhatsApp - dark mode and self destructing messages
I really don\\\'t want to waste your time by explaining or introducing you The Reader to WhatsApp. So I will directly get into the

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